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  3. Compkart

    COMPKART Compkart is '15 X30 World Champion and is well established all around the world. The fluorescent yellow frame of the kart makes it stand out from the rest. It's true colours have been shown in winning races around all major tracks and events throughout the UK and Ireland. The Covert 3.0 ‘R’ racing kart offers the latest designs and...
  4. Welcome to KKC’s new online store

    Welcome to KKC’s new online store With continued growth and gaining massive traction in the Karting world, KKC are excited to announce their next major investment, the new KKC online store. The new KKC website has been built for our current customers as their hub for everything you need in Karting, as well as the hope to gain new customers...
  5. Compkart Continues UK Growth

    Compkart Continues UK Growth
    The Compkart Covert 18-R Chassis continues demonstrating fine performances throughout the country. Whether it is in the South, North, the Midlands or in Ireland, the Compkart Covert 18-R chassis continues to shine, continues to show its vibrant characteristics, continues to show its true pace and ease of setup, and most of all continues to win races! Compkart UK are now looking...