AIM Mychron 2022 Price Increase

Due to global shortage of chips and increased production costs, AIM have increased their prices.

There is also major shortages of units, so please bare with us while we try to obtain more stock.

Click here for AIM price list in XLSX

Click here for AIM price list in CSV

We have included the AIM car and bike products for reference, too, but this is generally not stocked. If you are interested in any of this product, please contact us.

Please note all trade discounts HAVE been reduced due to AIM decreasing theirs. Please contact us for your prices.

International Customers

Shipping outside of the UK is now a simple process and delivery times are generally back to normal, but some products incur small charges in duty. Between KKC and the customer, we are finding solutions to these small additional costs and are confident you'll still find us competitive compared to Europe. Please contact us for more information. To make things easier, we can deliver to you with the duties included. We can also invoice you in your local currency.