Alfano 6 2022 Price Update

Due to increased manufacturing costs, the Alfano 6 units have increased in price, effective on all future orders. While the price of the units have increased slightly, accessories have, in some cases, been reduced in price.

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Alfano 6 Marketing Pack

Irish & Other International customers
Duty is at 0% for Alfano's, meaning there's no third country duty chargers. Euro price is included in the downloads, it's up to you whether you wish to sell at the GBP or EUR RRP which is the same apart from rounding's. You can buy from us in Euro, too, but will need to be set up. Please contact us for any questions. Please always buy from your local Alfano dealer, where you have one.

Prices correct at time of upload, but are subject to change at any time, as always.

Prices always exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.