Bengio 2022 Price Update

Due to the general increase of production costs linked to raw materials, logistics and energy, Bengio prices have increased slightly across the board.

As always, your discount percentage will stay the same. 

International Customers

Since brexit, there are more steps to shipping outside of the UK. It's still a simple process and delivery times are generally back to normal, but some products incur small charges in duty. Between KKC and the customer, we are finding solutions to these small additional costs and are confident you'll still find us competitive compared to Europe. Please contact us for more information.

EUR price is included in the downloads, it's up to you whether you wish to sell at the GBP or EUR RRP which is the same apart from rounding's. You can buy from us in EUR, too, but will need to be set up. Please contact us for any questions.

Ladies also now stocked

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All available items:

As always, prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated.