Meet the team

Meet the team

Nick Moss - Managing Director

Gary Rolfe - Sales Director

Keaton Moss - Operations & Marketing

Philip Rutt - Financial Director

Terri Lauderdale - Financial Controller

Pauline Moss - Director

Dick Moss - Director

Andy Atkinson - General Manager

Danny Porter - Whilton Mill Workshop Manager

Clair Cartwright - Credit Controller

Drew Tooley - Sales Assistant

Charlotte (Charlie) Johnson - Directors PA

Tejanna (Tej) - Purchase Manager

Sally Owen - Purchasing & Office Assistant

Grace Ryan - Office Assistant

Teresa Grant Office Assistant

Michael Smith - Shop & E-Commerce Manager

Tom Richards - Warehouse Manager

Cameron Fletcher - Warehouse Assistant

Samuel Duval - Warehouse Assistant

Harrison - Warehouse Assistant

Stacey - Warehouse Assistance

Jamie Allen - Warehouse Assistance

Tom Byrne - Warehouse & Workshop Assistance

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